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Video Description

Conflict is the opposition between one and the other (or even more). I think this phenomenon's essence is the "whole" dispute and division at the boundary level. This boundary can be physical (skin or any form of a membrane), spiritual (belief, value system) or cultural (ideology, class).


  • Is the epidemic a punishment from nature or an inevitable process of natural development?

  • "Feminism" and "BLM" are building up a better social structure, or the seeds of "civilized" hegemony?

  • Are we thinking dialectically or contradicting ourselves? Give an opinion or state the facts?


The video structure consulted Bach's famous "Crab canon". It reflects the union from one end to the other, an ideal spiralling ideology.


The balance of things is a "dynamic" relationship. The understanding of "fusion, cooperation and the continuous movement" may guide our sense of transcending boundaries. Under the undeniable physical boundary, it is closer to seeing the completeness of things. But "When? How? Is it?" I can't tell that I expressed my opinion, but I participated in the expression.

Co-produced with Ning Zhou 

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