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"We have comprehended the world in the way we were told to for a long time. The standards of judgment and feeling are commanded by the environment, interpersonal, and social disciplines rather than our own being. This behaviour, like a lens, frames our perception of everything outside and inside us. We have learnt to maintain the ideal angle rather than to see deeper into the actual reality. The rejection or intolerance of opposing views may become the starting point of a conflict. In the objective world, things just are, without an angle, and do not tell us anything. "


With the emphasis on the symbiotic relationship between material and sensory experience, I regard these Works as a voice of Introspection and an expression of external observation. The movement of opposites exists from beginning to end in the process of development of all things. Here, opposing Ideas are not trying to eliminate each other, but move on together, and often combine to form a condensation result. Reality is the juxtaposition of contradictions, and the unity of opposites is to balance contradictions. The formation of mixed thought is a manifestation of maturity and wisdom in the development of civilization. Recognizing that human beings are self-contradictory in building their experiences. The 'self' composition is the delicate balance that goes from the two opposite points to the middle.


The entire journey leads to the aesthetic of unity of opposites. These include reversible and changeable phases of movement, in which I playfully analyst of contradiction relationship and perception.

From fantasy to reality;

From Absolute order to Chaotic dreams;

I am both happy and blue;

Proud, yet at the same time as humble as dust.

Absurd but Reasonable,

Fragile but immortal.

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