Lamp Lee is a London based fashion designer, whose work involves transformable materials, technical interactions and philosophy. She completed a bachelor's degree at South China University of Technology in 2016 and is currently studying MA Fashion Menswear at the Royal College of Art, dedicated to transforming sensory experience into wearable art.


She believes that fashion is what happens around our bodies, and is a way of expressing our own experience of the world from our own perspective. Combining the language of material and structure with the body itself  evokes  a deep reflection on the initial topic. In her work, she explores the contradictory juxtaposition of reality and the perceptual changes caused by the dichotomy between subjective intention and objective logic.


Lee draws inspiration from the oriental spirit of ‘Harmony’; Multi-angled and Balanced elements flow into all aspects of her design. It implies that everything can maintain its original position, complete and perfect, but at the same time all the elements are integrated, and able to interact with each other, without contradiction. Each series is an adventure. The concept is to take us on a quest to transcend rigid definitions with an end goal to be reborn through the destruction of rules. And on the way, we explore new ways of expression that are loyal to the self and provide a softer and more diverse sensory fashion for the future.


South China University of Technology

BA Art Design . 2016.

Royal College of Art

MA Fashion Menswear . 2020.



"Trans-identity: Body, Soul, and Time" NO SPACE, 2020

"Untouchable" on Vogue Italian, 2020

WIP show in Royal College of Art, 2020

RCA x LOGITECH – The Grand Challenge Finalist, 2020

"Define Failed" 2522 Unlabelled Art, 2020

Jamie Wei Huang SS20 collection for London Fashion Week, 2020

Creative Director 2016-2019

RIMLESS - Fashion Designer 2016-2018

RIMLESS for Shenzhen Fashion Week, 2017

Interviewed by 1626 Magazine 2016​

EXCEPTION de MIXMIND Management Trainee 2015-2016

SCUT collectible. 2016

SCUT Graduation Show Top Award 2016

Guangdong University Fashion Week Finalist 2016