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Lamp Lee is a designer and wild installation artist. Her study involves transformable materials, technological interaction and phenomenology. After her MA in fashion studies at the Royal College of Art, she began to deviate from the traditional fashion concept dominated by practicality. Focus more on the rational understanding of sensory experience, and commit to breaking the existing boundaries through wearable art.


Lee understands fashion as what happens around our bodies and as a way of expressing our experience of the world. She is fascinated by observing the emotions that come from the body through the combination of material and structural language; she believes that expanding the perceptions of the body is to expand and reach a deeper level of communication with it, and someday we will learn to treat it more kindly. 


Influenced by the spirit of oriental "harmony"; multi-angle and balanced aesthetic elements are integrated into all aspects of the design, reflecting the juxtaposition and division of feelings, implying dynamic integrity—that is, all features are in the process of interacting with each other form a paradoxical juxtaposition.



Royal College of Art

MA Fashion Menswear . 2020.

South China University of Technology

BA Art Design . 2016.


Interviewed by Nash Hill for VOL-UP-2 Magazine 2021

Reversible' on NR Magazine - 'BLUE VENUS', 2021

'Reversible' on ARTSTHREAD - Global Design Graduate Show 2021

Interviewed by T Magazine - 'NEW FACES' 2021

'Reversible' on SHOW STUDIO - CLASS OF 2021

'Reversible' on British Fashion Council - CLASS OF 2021

'Erasable' on Fashionarchive Magazine, 2021

'Erasable' on 1 Garanary, 2021

'Erasable' on The Vanilla issue, 2021

'Erasable' on NOT JUST A LABEL, 2021

'Erasable' on Lampoon Magazine, 2021

'An Introspection' on BOOOOOOOM Magazine, 2020

'Untouchable' on Contributor Magazine, 2020

'Untouchable' on Vogue Italian, 2020

Interviewed by 1626 Magazine 2016​



Group Exhibition


INTANGLEMENT SPACE – ‘I Walked the Night, Prophesying…’,2022, China


MKII Gallery - '147 329' EXHIBITION, 2021, United Kingdom


Royal College of Art - WIP show, 2020, United Kingdom

2522 Unlabelled Art - 'Define Failed', 2020, China



NO SPACE - 'Trans-identity: Body, Soul, and Time', 2020, United Kingdom




IFF – Future Scents, Second Award, 2021, France

(International Flavors & Fragrances inc.)


FASHIONCLASH Festival, Fashion Film & Video, 2021, Netherlands


RCA x LOGITECH – The Grand Challenge Finalist, 2020, United Kingdom

SCUT Permanent collection. 2016, China

SCUT Graduation Show Top Award 2016, China

Guangdong University Fashion Week Finalist 2016, China

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