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'BISTABLE' is an interactive installation and collaborative performance art project with Rieko Whitfield. Continues the idea of absolute contradiction; the movement of opposites will always exist as a natural development. That means we inevitably experience conflicts everywhere. The point is- how we see the balance of things and a "Dynamic" relationship among them; Thereby reducing discomfort and obtain cognitive well-being. The progress explored a kind of modern desire, and it's aesthetic potential. The outcome delivers a sense of harmony by proposing a new way of looking.

Performance:    Rieko Whitfield;  Soren Muller

Installation:    Lamp Lee

Video/ Sound:    Ning Zhou

BTS photograph:    Lamp Lee

Installation photograph:    Ning Zhou

Selected process

In the book 'The Strange Order of Things' by the famous neuroscientist called Antonio Damasio, He raise 'The condition of homeostasis’and emphasize how it regulates human physiology within the range that makes possible the survival and the flourishing of life'. We all searching for balance in our lives. There was also an interesting paper called ‘Pessoa’s Esoteric Imagery and the Geometry of Modernism’. Pessoa is an author who very influential to me, here the signature 'Alexander Search', is one of Pessoa’s heteronyms; This essay explores its connection with modern desire by analysing geometric forms that recur used as a vehicle of non-representative impulses in visual art and aesthetic texts. Epitomizes the modern devotion to “taxonomy, classification, inventory” and “catalogue”– the modern “quest for order.”

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