“The work discusses the erasure of prejudices. It expresses the composition of reality is an absolute contradiction between subjective intension and objective logic.  I find the connection from reversibility and mixed-angles. Using pleating and laser cutting to create multiple layers around the body, the lenticular method contains multi-information in one. It is the embodiment of the multilayer of reality. 

Selected process

My Mirror Mirror work was pursuing the sense of the unity of opposites. Emphasize the penetration and coordination between opposites being. I developed some "ambiguous images" that triggers a different perspective through the reversal or observation from different angles. I find it interesting that Laser cutting usually separates the work into "positive" and "negative" sides. Also called "cut" and "cut off" pieces. But in this project, I had erased the definition. I named them both "negative cut."

The accordion pleats are more complicated than I expect. Accuracy must be within 2 mm to meet the ideal result. Otherwise, the images will mix. I contact the professional pleating company, and they told me that it is impossible to achieve an actual distance match. The difficulty of using fabric and using paper is very different. It took me a lot of time to compare the differences between machine works and handmade works. Also, choose the final fabric that can achieve more satisfactory and controllable results.