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As the last work of postgraduate study, REVERSIBLE is a further development from BISTABLE. The position of the work has evolved from designing to a self-debate. I optimized my design theory and material language in the context of 'Homeostasis' Explored the different perception from the 'internalized consciousness of things' to our 'multi-stable perspective of external observation.' the repeated transformations reflect the juxtaposition and division of our sensibility, implying a kind of integrality, and the balance between the opposing forces;

Performance:    Magnus Westwell, Max Cookward

Director:    Lamp Lee

Installation:    Lamp Lee

Video/ Sound:    Ning Zhou

Photograph:   Ning Zhou

MUA: Ollyip

Assistants: Ken Chen, Waikwok Choi

WEB 2A.jpg
WEB 2B.jpg
WEB 2C.jpg
Selected process

Reality and the reality we are aware of need a way of communication. So that we can understand the information in this environment. In this process, conflicting situations often occur. We tend to enhance the rationalization of our cognition in a way or another to maintain the internal balance, even eliminate or deny everything that opposes it. In some cases, people would inevitably blindly believing whatever they wanted to believe. What if we can see and think about the opposite? Would there be a different experience? Will we develop a new way of communication and new behaviours as a response?

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