'BISTABLE' is an interactive installation and collaborative performance art project with Rieko Whitfield. Continues the idea of absolute contradiction; the movement of opposites will always exist as a natural development. That means we inevitably experience conflicts everywhere. The point is- how we see the balance of things and a "Dynamic" relationship among them; Thereby reducing discomfort and obtain cognitive well-being. The progress explored a kind of modern desire, and it's aesthetic potential. The outcome delivers a sense of harmony by proposing a new way of looking.


“The work discusses the erasure of prejudices. It expresses the composition of reality is an absolute contradiction between subjective intension and objective logic. Using pleating and laser cutting to create multiple layers around the body, emphasizing the penetration and coordination between opposite beings.”


We can easily perceive physical discomfort signals. Pain, fatigue, and fever, etc., but mental stress signals are often ignored or even difficult to be perceived. Untouchable is a wearable alternative perception system. The output is developed through human reaction blocks and neuroimaging, which transforms physiological signals into a visual and tactile physical state, helping people restore their ability to perceive certain defective sensory forms. The application of soft robot wearable tech brings a human-like touch to the skin. It fills the gap between human and machine. Making the robot look more like coexisting with the body—questioned the reversibility of the relationship between organisms and mechanical products.

2019  ​